Benefits of Personalised Wedding Invitations

Personalised wedding invitations can offer you a wide number of fantastic benefits. Every bride wants her day to be special and memorable. The last thing you want is to find that the invitations you have chosen are identical to someone else you know who is getting married just before or just after you and the guest list has many of the same names.

Personalised wedding invitations gives you the opportunity of individuality. You are not sending out the run of the mill invite, but rather something that is unique to your wedding, something that will stand out, grab your guests attention and something that they can keep to remember this special day for years to come.

You get to allow your own personality to shine through. You want your guests to receive your invitation, open the envelope and immediately know whose wedding they have been invited to before reading it. Allowing your own personality to shine through with personalised wedding invitations gives you the ability to allow your own creativity to soar, to be different and unique and really set the tone for your special day.

Personalised wedding invitations are an opportunity for you to be unique. As mentioned before, no one wants their invites to be the same as everyone else’s. You have vested so much time and energy into planning this perfect day, there is no reason your invites shouldn’t reflect this. If you think about it, you may have taken your time selecting your engagement and wedding rings to ensure that they were different, so why settle for anything less when designing your invitations, the first impression your guests will have when it comes to your wedding day.

A great benefit which you may not have thought of yet is that you can get your invite to match your theme. Maybe you’re having a summer wedding brimming in cool blues and yellows, so why not match your invite to these colours. Rather than going the traditional white lace route, make your invite stand out, make a statement and grab your guests attention. Ensure your personalised wedding invitations provide your guests with a little insight on what they can expect on the day.

You can add fun elements when designing your own personalised wedding invitations. There is nothing to state you must follow a set design, colour or theme. This gives you the freedom to design what you want. You can add a photograph of the happy couple, write something fun and amusing or just change your colours to create something so different that it is guaranteed to catch the attention of everyone who receives one.

Remember when it comes to personalised wedding invitations it is important that you choose a reputable printer. It is a good idea to find a company that specialises in wedding invitations only, they will have years of knowledge and experience with using different papers and cards, playing with colours and coming up with a design that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

There are a number of online wedding invitation specialists you can take advantage of. What you will find is that ordering online is going to save you valuable time, energy and money. It doesn’t require you running back and forth to the printer and when your personalised wedding invitations are finished, they are effectively shipped to your door.

Always take the time to review the company, read their online reviews and ensure that they have the ability and facilities to provide you with high quality invites that match your particular brief.

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Wedding Day Rain

There is an old saying that rain on your wedding day is a lucky omen. The Italians even have a saying for it, “Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata“, which means that a wet bride is a lucky bride. In the U.S., it is commonly repeated that rain is lucky, although most brides would prefer a dry day and a little less luck!

Rain is also considered to be a good wedding omen in Germany, Sweden, and France. This is possibly because rain is associated with a bountiful harvest, and thus, fertility. Some believe that the rainier the wedding day, the more children the marriage will produce. (So if you get married during a downpour, I guess that you can expects to have triplets!)

However, not everyone considers rain to be a lucky charm; consider the old adage, “Happy is the bride whom the sun shines on”. There are several superstitions that are said to ward off rain on the wedding day. One is to feed your cat on the morning of the wedding (this is a strange one – shouldn’t you feed your cat every morning?). Catholics can hang a rosary outdoors on the day of their nuptials to put a stop to rain in time for the ceremony. In parts of Spain, to avoid rain the bride or her mother can deliver a dozen freshly laid eggs to the nuns of the convent of St. Clare.

Whether you consider rain to be a lucky sign or not, there is always a chance that it will fall on your wedding day. To make wet weather less of an issue, plan in advance for inclement weather. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, check the Farmer’s Almanac for the driest times of year in your hometown. Also be prepared with shelter for guests and the couple, or a backup location if the weather forces you to move the ceremony inside. For weddings in tents, order a floor to avoid having your reception in a mud pit.

For an indoor wedding, the rain more of an annoyance than a real problem. If there is rain in the forecast for your big day, arm yourself with plenty of golf umbrellas. The bride also may want to get dressed at the church if the weather is really nasty. The way to handle that is to be completely ready, other than the gown. The bride should have on her special wedding jewelry, her fancy undergarments, and everything but her gown and shoes. Put double plastic covers over the gown to keep it dry, then slip into it once arriving at the church. If changing into your gown at the ceremony site is impractical, at least wait to put on your bridal shoes until arriving on dry land. You don’t want to squish your way down the aisle in soggy footwear!

If is does end up raining on your wedding day, the best thing to do is grin and bear it. I once attended a wedding ceremony held in a park on a very wet day. It was treacherous going down a steep hill of wet grass in high heels, but the couple had posted ushers with large umbrellas to escort the ladies to the ceremony site (which fortunately did have a tent over it), and some of the male guests also pitched in to help. It rained and rained, to the point where you could barely hear the musicians playing while the guests were being seated (and we were all wondering how we would hear the vows). Then the most amazing thing happened: just as the ceremony began, the rain suddenly stopped and the sky cleared. The bride and groom exchanged their vows under a beautiful beam of sunshine, which seemed like a lucky omen, indeed. Even though her train was soaked, and her hair was frizzy, the bride was radiant with an inner bliss (and at least her wedding jewelry was dry and fabulous!).

So if the weatherman predicts inclement weather for your wedding day, just remember the French saying, “Mariage pluvieux, marriage heureux“, which promises a happy marriage as a result of a wet wedding. And if you don’t buy into the idea that rain is lucky, there is always the old standby: Rain, rain, go away – come again another day!

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So, You’re Thinking About a Double Wedding?

With the cost of weddings being what they are, planning and paying for two weddings at the same time is more than most families can manage. Inevitably, someone will suggest, Hey – why not make it a double wedding? Depending on the people involved, this can either be a winning idea or a total disaster in the making. These are the pros and cons of double weddings.

There can be several significant advantages to shared weddings. The first is certainly cost. Rather than pay to entertain the same family members twice, why not save money by doing it all at once? Do not, however, expect that you can throw a wedding for two couples for the same price as a celebration for one couple. You will definitely need a larger venue, and while you will only have food and drink costs for the bride’s family one time, there will be a guest list for each groom’s family as well. And of course a larger venue means more flowers, more linen rentals, and possibly even a bigger band or more powerful sound system. Naturally, there will be two wedding gowns and bridal jewelry sets as well. While a shared reception will not be half the price of two solo parties, you can still realistically save around 1/4 to 1/3 over two separate events, which will add up to thousands of dollars.

It is not only the parents of the brides-to-be who can find a double wedding to be a better value. For out of town family members who would have been invited to both events, their costs will be cut in half (except for the wedding gifts). Not only will your family save money, but also time. When two sisters are planning weddings which are close together, it is not only the expense of travel that can become difficult, but making the time for two separate trips. Having an all-in-one affair will definitely make it easier for your loved ones to attend. It will also avoid the possibility of hurt feelings when guests accept for one sister’s wedding but decline the other because it is not feasible for them to attend both.

Of course, there can be some pretty serious cons to a double wedding. Before committing to the concept of planning a joint wedding, carefully consider how you and your sister see the world. The biggest issue is when the pair of sisters does not share the same vision of the perfect wedding. Do you both tend to like the same styles of clothing, similar colors, the same types of places? Do you work well together, with a good balance of give and take, or is there one sister who always has to get her way? If you are both now pointing at your sister, saying, “Her!”, you are likely to find agreeing on wedding plans to be a rocky road! Also, do be honest with yourself; if you really long to be the center of attention on your wedding day, how will you feel about sharing the spotlight?

For those sisters who do ultimately decide to have a double wedding, there are a few things which may help it go more smoothly. Agree on a unified vision for the decorations and meal, but each sister can still show her individuality when it comes to the bridal gowns, jewelry sets, and her bridesmaid attire. Think coordinated, but not matching. To head off any arguments, the older sister’s name goes first on the invitation and she exchanges her vows first. Work with your officiant to weave the two sets of vows into one ceremony to spare your guests having to endure two full ceremonies back-to-back. Once you get to the reception, a double wedding can result in one huge and wonderful party, so be sure to enjoy it to the fullest!

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Wedding Preparation Prayers

Wedding preparations can be overwhelming and endless it seems. Many brides and grooms by their side have had a meltdown prior to the wedding. If you can relate, you are not alone.

Be encouraged and take heart. Fear not! The best is yet to come. It has been said that marriage is like making mashed potatoes. First, you peel the potatoes. Secondly, you place them in hot water to boil. Thirdly, you mash them all up together until they become one.

Whatever stage of life you are currently in, I’m here to tell you that you’re going to make it. Maybe you are presently being peeled by life’s circumstances and wedding preparations up to your eyeballs. Perhaps you are now boiling in hot water and undergoing some emotional stress. Relationally we are all being brought closer together and smoothing out one another’s rough edges. The process however can be like crushing grapes to make wine. Nevertheless remember how delicious and intoxicating the wine can be once the grapes are crushed.

Life and love flows in seasons and stages. There are many circular parallels between nature and life itself. Perhaps you are currently enduring the winter season of your relationship and engagement. Realize your love has not died, but rather its roots are going deep and your love’s foundation being strengthened. Commitment surpasses romantic notions and fluctuating feelings. Often love is more of a decision than a feeling.

Death and life are always occurring simultaneously. Marital love that lasts a lifetime requires that we welcome and embrace a more intense type of relational interaction as we become one. That means you both must be committed to personal growth individually and together. Therefore when some things are identified as harmful to your marriage, you need to humbly repent of them and be willing to die to them. As you die to deadly habits and refine your character, you will resurrect and breathe fresh life into your marriage. The more you die to self, the more you together as one shall love and live.

Here are three wedding preparation prayers to pray together:

“Dear Lord, please help me to be humble, self-aware, and selfless in my love toward others. As we prepare for holy matrimony, prepare my heart and establish me in your holiness. Forgive me hurtful things done and said. Please kindly cleanse and forgive me. Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. Help me to experience the love of my heavenly Father and mold me to be more like you. Holy Spirit help me to love myself and others unconditionally. Enable me to be loving, kind, peaceable, and compassionate. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

“Heavenly Father, the wedding details and planning is overwhelming as You know. Please have mercy on us and help us through it all. You instituted and encourage marriage in Your Word. We are endeavoring to love and obey You. As we do and plan for our wedding, please kindly empower, undergird, and uphold us. Please help us inwardly to experience a breakthrough rather than be broken down by all of the planning and preparations. Give us Your glorious and radiant Holy Spirit to embody and personify what marriage is truly all about. Fill us to overflowing with your divine love so we can be the light of the world. Thank you for giving us each other to love and brighten each other’s days. Help us to always honor and respect one another. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

“Lord Jesus, please impart to me your peace. Prince of peace give me a divine release and help me relinquish control. God, help me not be overwhelmed and overtaken by all of the wedding details. Please intervene and take control of that which is beyond my control. Help me to enjoy this our wedding day and not be a bridezilla. Father in heaven, give me the groom a compassionate, tender, supportive, understanding, and nurturing heart. Help us to grow together day by day through it all and remain honorable in all we say and do. Let our love be preeminent above all else. Reveal to us your love and life God, so we can live by a higher law and not be limited by the minuscule matters here below. Show yourself strong God when we are weak. We vow to give You all of the glory for every victory. In Jesus Name. Amen.”

Be encouraged my friends. You are not alone. There is nothing new under the sun. The honeymoon is ahead after the wedding and will be a most wonderful time for you to rest and rejoice in one another’s love. Ironically and truthfully planning a wedding may be one of the most stressful times your life. Nevertheless it will greatly show you much about yourself and where you need to grow and mature.

Rejoice and continually cultivate your maturing love. Wishes for love, laughter, and happily ever after!

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15 Easiest Wedding Reception Table Decor Ideas Ever!

Are you looking for some really easy, simple to set up wedding reception table decoration ideas? You’ve come to the right place. Everyone wants their reception tables to look great and match their overall wedding theme. But, your tablescapes don’t need to give you a headache or break the bank. You are going to be quite busy the day of your wedding, so you need quick, easy centerpieces! Many of our ideas are quite affordable, as well as no fuss!

1. Seasonal fruit in decorative bowls or baskets. Did you know that you can spray paint inexpensive bowls to match your color scheme if necessary? Go “green” – Give guests beautiful centerpieces, and snacks at the same time! Beautiful color, and no waste.

2. Tulle fabric table runner with floral items or arrangements. This combination can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like, and will easily adapt to any color scheme. Use your bridal party bouquets as some of the floral accents – especially at the bride & groom’s ‘head table’.

3. Pre-made floral arrangements. Probably the most simple, yet beautiful way to spruce up any table. Short or very tall are best for conversation. Be cautious of tipping with very tall, slender floral arrangements on small tables & outdoors.

4. Shells, candles & sand. Gorgeous possibilities await with this summer wedding centerpiece idea. Do a practice layout before the wedding day and take a picture of it when you get it just right (so your helpers know how you want the elements arranged). Have a shoe-box sized plastic bin available for quick clean up of the sand after the reception.

5. Fabric napkins, stemware & votives. Don’t underestimate the simple, crisp beauty of glass and candlelight! Beautiful, inexpensive & eco-friendly!

6. Petals and tea light candles. Arrange them into swirling shapes or randomly spread them out for a soft, easy look. Use buds or whole flowers too (just the heads) if you like! Make a heart shape with the tea lights on round tables.

7. Stemware, petals & wine bottles or sparkling cider. Set up in the middle of round tables or in clusters at rectangular tables, this combination would be both practical and lovely. Go “green”. Could be set up on a colored cloth.

8. Fresh cut greenery, candy canes & candles. So easy, fragrant and fun for holiday weddings! Use white Christmas light strings if your venue doesn’t allow candles to be lit.

9. Pre-made wreaths (lay flat) and candle. Not just for the holidays, wreaths can be created to match any theme and color scheme. Simply lay them out! Works especially well for round tables. Wreathes also make nice gifts afterwards for the bridal party or for other helpers as well.

10. River rocks. Go “green” – Consider using polished, river rocks as decor. As soon as your event is done, bring them back to nature… Use a large size and have guests write inspirational words on them as keepsakes for you!

11. River rocks, bowls & floating flowers. Easy to assemble and has a very natural look. Can easily match any color scheme. Eco-friendly centerpiece!

12. Mirror, confetti and candle(s). Adding petals also would soften this look. Very easy to set up and adds lots of shimmery color and light to your tables.

13. Balloon bunches. Lots of bang for your buck! You’ll need something heavy to anchor them down, although you can purchase them with plastic heart-shaped ‘anchors’ on each balloon. Make sure strings are kept long to foster conversation at tables.

14. Candelabras with ivy. Classic and so simple to set up. Ivy could be fresh cut or silk. Candles can match your color scheme. Candelabras can be rented!

15. Fresh cut flowers in vases. Use seasonal flowers from your yard, a friend’s yard, florist, or grocery store. SO simple to set up and clean up. Give the flowers to your guests as they leave the reception so they can be put to good use afterward. Ask your venue, florist or caterer if they have vases.

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Living in Portugal: Portuguese Wedding Traditions

Every country has its own wedding traditions. In ancient times, Portuguese people used to marry simply to build a family. Many old customs have been revived and are now included in modern wedding ceremonies. Many of the customs that were practiced in this European country have evolved over time to symbolize the mutual love of the couple.

Over 99 percent of the Portuguese are Roman Catholic. Therefore, most wedding ceremonies are based on the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church. Increasingly more couples are choosing the romanticism of the more ancient wedding traditions handed down from generation to generation. Wedding celebrations in Portugal usually include a Roman Catholic mass where the priest calls for the bride and groom to exchange rings, or ties the couple’s hands with his stole. When the couple exits the church, family and friends throw flowers and bonbons. In most European countries, relatives of the bride and groom traditionally throw rice over the newlywed couple.

In Portugal, it is customary for neighbors and friends to help with the celebration and with the wedding itself. Held at a restaurant or in a private home, the ceremony is usually small and limited to close family members. Many couples choose to prepare their own food for the wedding party instead of using the services of a catering provider. Family and friends gather to exchange stories about the newlywed couple and enjoy traditional singing and dancing. They also collect money for the bride and groom. Customarily, the money is collected in the bride’s shoe.

As soon as the ceremony ends, the bride and groom parade through the streets where family, friends and even strangers wish them happiness. In the North coast of Portugal, brides wear black dresses as a sign of fidelity to their future husbands. Their appearance is completed by the famous Portuguese Queen earrings (brincos Rainha) and a lot of gold jewelry. This is the dress they will be buried when they die.

In the past, the bride was wearing a white Chinese tunic adorned with colorful jewelry. The groom was wearing a dark top hat, a white shirt, and dark suit. At the end of the ceremony, they were placing their wedding bands on each other’s hands. The tradition of passing the bride’s heel around to all guests to receive money that will help the newlywed couple build their own house is still practiced today. The bride and groom must also choose a padrinho (best man) and a madrinha (maid of honour).

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We’re Separated And My Spouse Has Stopped Wearing His Wedding Ring. Mine Still Means Something To Me

One of the things that people who don’t want to separate with their spouse are trying to avoid are questions that they don’t know how to answer. They will often dread people asking them about the state of their marriage or whether or not they are going to get a divorce. They don’t know the answers to these questions and they don’t really want to think about them too deeply, or even to talk about them.

One symbol that puts these feelings and conflicts into sharp focus is that of wedding rings. Many people believe that you should still wear them. I am one of these people. My opinion on this is that when you are separated, you are still married. And married people wear wedding rings. I believe that there’s a reason that the couple are separated and not divorced and should therefore act accordingly.

Not everyone agrees with me though. Some people remove their ring as soon as they declare themselves separated or have moved out. They feel that wearing it isn’t being authentic and they don’t want to pretend that things are fine when they are not.

This can lead to conflict when the spouses feel very differently on this topic. Someone might explain: “I have no intentions of taking off my wedding ring but my husband has already removed his and it breaks my heart. I worry that this means that he is going to be looking for other women during our separation or that he does not consider himself truly married anymore. I have mentioned these things to him, but he says that I am over reacting. He says that he just doesn’t feel like wearing his. I don’t understand this. I could never take mine off. I sometimes find him staring at mine, as if he wishes he could ask me to take it off. I don’t want to remove it because of what it represents to me. I am still hopeful that we will one day reconcile. And I don’t want to invite people to ask me questions about why I am not wearing it. I have no idea how I would answer those questions anyway. Plus, it is no one’s business. Is there any rule about whether or not you should wear your ring when separated?”

I don’t know of any rules. Most couples just decide on this based on how they feel at the time. I understand why you are upset. You feel that your husband not wanting to wear his ring is very telling in terms of his intentions. You could be right about this, but I would not panic. People’s feelings can change over the course of a separation. And, not every one wears their ring all of the time.

To be honest, there are times when I do not wear my ring even though my husband and I have been reconciled for a while. It has nothing to do with my feelings about my marriage. I do it for practical reasons and I’m never without it for the long term. When I exercise, it gets sweaty. When I cook, food gets in it. And when I shower, it gets soap scum on it. So there are times throughout the day when I take it off. And sometimes, I forget to put it back on. This certainly does not mean that I am not committed to my husband or that I’m looking for other men. Both are so far away from the truth that it’s almost laughable.

I guess my point is that not every one who doesn’t always wear their ring has bad intentions, but you would certainly know your husband’s ring wearing habits much better than I would.

I do not know that you can force him to wear his ring. And he certainly can not force you to take yours off. I would also think that the more you make a big deal about this, the more determined he is going to be not to wear it, which is probably exactly what you do not want to happen.

Of course, every situation is different, but I suspect that the best course of action might be to express your disappointment so that it is clear how you feel and then move on and just see what happens. As I said, often people’s feelings change during the separation. He may start out wanting to distance himself from you a little, but then he may change his tune once he sees that he is lonely or once he realizes that perhaps he read the situation somewhat incorrectly.

I know that this hurts. But I think it may be a misdirection of your attention if you place all of your focus on this right now. The ring is a symbol of your marriage, but it is not your marriage itself. And that is the most important thing right now. If you repeatedly make a big issue out of this after you’ve already told him your feelings on it, then your placing the focus on a secondary problem. And you want to keep your focus on what is truly important – trying to rebuild. Yes, it’s upsetting that he isn’t wearing it. But there are probably bigger problems to address that need your attention a little more. Plus, he might be experimenting with seeing how not wearing the ring makes him feel. He may actually find that it is not the positive experience that he imagined. And he may put it back on without your needing to make a big deal about it.

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Her Most Famous Installation (Dawn’s Wedding Feast) – Louise Nevelson

American artist Louise Berliawsky Nevelson (1899-1988), better known as Louise Nevelson, was an iconic figure in the postwar art scene and invented, what came to be known as ‘Installation Art.’ Nevelson was equally recognized for her luxurious lifestyle and flamboyant personality, which was a contrast to the underlying style of her works in wood and monochromes. Starting with smaller designs, Louise graduated to room size works with “Dawn’s Wedding Feast,” which is also known as one of her two masterworks.

Louise’s “Dawn’s Wedding Feast” was created in 1959 for the high-profile exhibition ‘Sixteen Americans’ at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, as a wood assemblage in all-white paint. It was a very prolific installation with four chapels, bride, groom, wedding cake, mirror, chest, pillow and various, stationed & hanging columns (symbolic of guests). It was this enormity, due to which, not enough buyers could be attracted for the complete structure, and Nevelson had to break it down into sixteen stand-alone sculptures. The theme of this assemblage centers on the transitions that accompany nuptial ties. It carries the essence of expectancy, bright prospects, and the promises of a marital life, through its depiction in white, a color traditionally associated with Christian matrimonial ceremony.

The use of white color here also marks ‘dawn,’ the hour of the day when this ‘feast’ is being held, another sign of a new beginning. Some sections believe that this exhibit was an allegory to her personal life, which was bound within two extremes, a failed marriage and an undeterred commitment to art. “Dawn’s Wedding Feast” was entirely made up of the discarded wood pieces of different shapes, carefully crafted to create symmetrical pieces, coated with white spray paint. This assortment is predominantly a ‘Symbolic’ work with ‘Abstract’ individual structures. Two tall columns with disc installations titled ‘Bride and Disk’ and ‘Groom and Disk,’ represent bride and groom, respectively. The large pieces had dominant central presence when compared to the rest of the structure. Of all the four chapels, “Dawn’s Wedding Chapel IV” is noteworthy on the account of its complex form and eye-catching central wheel design with four spikes. ‘Case with Five Balusters,’ a solitary piece of the “Dawn’s Wedding Feast,” is basically, a collection of geometrical pieces, with five wooden balusters, taken from the scrap of some staircase.

On the account of its unorthodox, yet superior execution, “Dawn’s Wedding Feast” earned the much deserved reputation as one of the crowning glory of ‘Modern Installation Art,’ giving high impetus to Nevelson’s artistic career.

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Different Elements in a Hindu Wedding Invitation Card

In Hindu culture, wedding invitations are known as Lagnapatrika or nimantranpatra and reflects the cultural values, and traditions followed in the Indian society. These cards are used for announcing the marriage ceremony. The process of sending invitation card to guests forms an integral part of the ceremony. These cards are famous worldwide for their unique designs, colors and patterns. The presence of different elements in a Hindu wedding card makes it appropriate for the marriage function and without it the ceremony is incomplete.

Have a look on the various elements of Hindu wedding invitation cards.

Turmeric (Haldi)

Haldi symbolizes happiness, purity and auspicious beginning of a sacred ceremony. In Hindu culture, the wedding cards are first marked with haldi and then distributed to the guests. The bride and groom are also adorned with haldi to make them pure before the wedding ceremony. It has spiritual uses and medicinal powers and the yellow color of turmeric is the symbol of sanctity in Hindu marriage.

Sindoor & Chawal (Rice)

Sindoor and chawal are considered highly auspicious in Hindu culture. In Hindu wedding, wedding cards are marked with sindoor and chawal and offered to God to make the marriage holy and blessed. The red colored sindoor denotes the beginning of a religious event and white colored chawal (rice) denotes peace, innocence and purity.

Red colored wedding card

Red color is a powerful color and draws attention as it increases confidence and excitement. In Hindu culture, red color is recommended as an auspicious color, and it denotes enthusiasm, purity and delight. Red colored wedding card highlights the rituals of a marriage and enhances the grace of the ceremony. The red color depicts the true happiness for Hindu wedding.

Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is considered as God of wealth and education. In Hindu culture, Lord Ganesha is worshiped first to remove all the hurdles and obstructions before starting an auspicious event like marriage. Due to this characteristic, Lord Ganesha is printed on the Hindu wedding invitation cards, with a belief that Lord Ganesha will make the wedding hurdle free and successful.


On Hindu wedding cards, motifs like peacock or peacock feather, swastika, diya (lamp), and OM are used for designing them. These designs have religious meaning and speak about the Hindu culture.


The Hindu wedding cards are written in English as well as Hindi language. The wordings used in them are very simple and easy to understand. The cards contain details of the occasion, name of the bride and groom along with their parents and holy mantras and shlokas from the holy Vedas. The main motto is to invite the guests to give their blessings to the newlywed couple.

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Men’s Wedding Bands – How to Choose the Best Wedding Ring

A man generally puts lots of thought into choosing the engagement ring for their fiancĂ©, and when it is time to select his wedding band he will realize that he is clueless about many options that are available. There’re 7 things that you have to consider while choosing the men’s wedding bands: metal choice, width, finish, fit, engraving and detailing.

Metal Choice

Metals are used traditionally for the custom rings for men and they are white gold, platinum, rose gold, yellow gold, and palladium. So, there are benefits to all of them:

White Gold

This gold type comes in rhodium, member of the platinum family that gives it an amazing white color that is similar to the platinum’s but in a lower price range


Platinum is very durable and the rarest item in the crust. This is hypoallergenic and never causes any skin reactions.


Palladium is the member of the platinum family and has similar look, generally, do not cost much than platinum or white gold.

Yellow Gold

The yellow gold gives a subtle and warm glow and comes in classic option.

Rose Gold

This type of gold is the beautiful and less common option and makes a unique vintage effect. This is ideal for the groom who is looking for a distinctive appearance.


How wide would you like the ring to be? You can try on some men’s wedding bands that come in different widths and decide what you find best. The wider rings generally tend to be very expensive, but balance the size and the price, by selecting the metal, which is in your budget.


Finish generally describes the texture of the ring’s metal.

These are terms to know:

  • High Polish: It is a traditional choice & describes metal with the reflective finish.
  • Matte: This is the less reflective choice with understated and modern feel.
  • Combination: The wedding bands combine matte & high polish textures.


The hammered unique wedding bands look like a small hammer that has pounded metal and create a textured effect. It is popular for one who wants a unique and attractive look.


The edges of the men’s wedding bands are curved and flat and form the right angles on sides of a ring. Popular band has rounded edges that will make it the best choice for the men who’re highly concerned about how it can feel to wear ring daily.


No matter whether you select the ring, which is classic and understated and eye-catching and unique, there’re many ways for personalizing band with the engraving.


Not very long before there were some options in the men’s wedding bands other than metal, however nowadays you will have the unique custom rings for men. You can add a little style in your ring with the diamond and sapphire accents, like a subtle vertical stripe or Celtic Knot design.

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