Avoid Perimenopause Woes

Perimenopause normally happens about six years before full menopause begins. And No! You don’t have to ingest (HRT)a pregnant mare’s urine! Besides, it’s been proven to be much too dangerous.

This has prompted many women to search for other options. Alternative health care therapies are available to perimenopausal women. Nutrition and nutritional supplementation are biggies to avoid perimenopause woes. Start as early in your younger years as you can. Or if you’re already into it, it’s not too late.

Get serious and you will begin to feel and see some changes. Besides choosing plant-based alternatives to hormone replacement therapy (HRT), also recommended:

  1. Reduce stress in your life
  2. Diet
  3. Exercise is one method of stress reduction that reduces hot flashes
  4. Nutritional supplements support and work with a woman’s body, not against it
  5. Prayer
  6. Meditation
  7. Yoga
  8. Tai chi can all be used to control your body’s stress response and reduce menopausal symptoms

Herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture, and other self-help measures support and work with a woman’s body, not against it, thereby reducing the dread of perimenopause and helping to avoid perimenopause woes! To fight hot flashes related to perimenopause woes, keep a portable fan

nearby, avoid spicy meals and alcohol, and eat foods high in hormone-balancing phytoestrogens like soy nuts or tofu. Get serious and you can avoid perimenopause woes.

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