Winter Sports – The Ultimate Challenge

Winter sports refer to a sport played on snow or ice, but it also includes sports played in winter all year round like basketball. It is called winter sport because the sport branch is played in winter and under winter circumstances. Winter sports are found more adventurous than other sport branches. Sporting with ice and snow is related with adrenalin. Here you can find some winter sports and information about them.


Sledding is a popular winter sport. For it, a sled is required basically. There are amateur sledding activities especially among children. In addition to that, sledding is a professional sport branch. In some Olympics, sledding is an important sport. Sledding became a winter sport only in 19th century. Sledding is used as a way of transportation along with being a sport. It is a sport branch that requires special attention because injury, accidents are possible while sledding down from a slope.


Skate on the snow! Skating is one of the most interesting winter sports. The idea is very similar with ordinary skating. However this time player skates on the ice. Using skates, if you find a suitable area for skating, try this sport.


Skiing is the most popular winter sport. It is such a widespread activity that skiing is a part of winter tourism. Along with being a professional sport, skiing is also an activity of amateurs. When people skied for the first time, the aim was not sport. They were trying to go from somewhere to somewhere else. Briefly, it was used as a transportation way. When everything was like this, the skiing equipment was also simple. People used tree as ski. Skiing was improved much. The methods, equipment, types, everything changed. There are many types of skiing. These change according to the equipment, area, way and the aim of the sport. Some skiing types are Nordic skiing, military skiing and kite skiing, alpine skiing and cross country skiing.


As sport technologies developed more and more, new sport branches emerged. Snowboarding is one of them. It is a new winter sport branch. It became popular only after the second half of 20th century. Snowboarding is the combination of surfing, boarding and skiing. It is a sport branch that requires skill and hardworking. The player wears a special shoe that is on the board. Snowboarding is played on the slopes that are covered with snow.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is played on the ice by two teams. It is a team sport. Ice hockey can be played on artificial hockey rink. However, it is classified, as a winter sport as playing on the natural ice is preferred. The basic aim of ice hockey is controlling the disc on the ice. The disc is played with sticks. The teams win point when they send the disc into the goal area. Six players play during ice hockey game. A team has more than 20 players. A game takes three periods of 15 or 20 minutes. Ice hockey is popular especially in United States of America, Canada, Finland and Czech Republic. It is popular in these countries as there were more suitable areas in these countries. But ice hockey can be played in every country now as playing on the artificial ice is also possible.

Snowball Fight

Snowball fight is generally categorized as a game. However, snowball fight is a part of some sport organizations. It is very simple. The players throw snowball to each other. The aim is just fun. Teams can play snowball fight. Each team tries to hit the other.

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Common Healthcare Services You Will Find at Top Medical Centers

The first thing that all medical centers should give is emergency services. Their emergency services may vary and the greatest are not hospitals, therefore they can deal with minor emergencies, but not with serious ones. Check with the local medical center and see what they can give, this way you know which direction to go in if you are faced with an emergency medical situation.

The majority of medical centers, especially in the United States, give top quality cardiology services. They will offer everything from physical examinations to EKG tests, they will also be in a place to check the patient, provide long term care and have the best cardiologists on call to help their patients as needed.

They should also offer a radiology department. Radiology can fall into one or more categories, but this usually includes x-rays, MRI and CT scans to name a few. Sometimes they will also include ultrasounds, any imaging that may be needed now and moving forward.

Then there are those that also offer ENT services. ENT, ear nose and throat, services are what is needed if you suffer with hearing problems, nasal issues or problems with your throat, even all three. These are specialized doctors who are in a position to diagnose and treat to ensure a better quality of life moving forward. ENT’s are often needed for children who have grommets in their ears or come down with tonsillitis, for example.

Gynecology is a must at any medical center you choose. Gynecology can help you prevent pregnancy, improve chances of pregnancy, monitor pregnancy and make sure overall women health. These professionals will conduct regular screening and test to ensure you are in good women health at all times.

Maternity services are other services you may want to check on with your local medical center if you intend having a family any time soon. They will be able to prepare you throughout your pregnancy and during labor to ensure you and your new baby is taken care of and receive the best medical treatment at all times.

Another healthcare service you may find at your local medical center is oncology. Oncology departments deal with cancers of all kinds. They will help diagnose, treat and give patients with ongoing care and support. These professionals understand what families go through and they give outstanding service and support to their patients with a dedicated medical team on hand to offer advice and help with pain management and so much more.

After an injury or surgery you may need to have occupational therapy or physiotherapy, so you will want to check what ins services are offered at your local medical center so that you can get the care and treatment you deserve. Both physio and occupational therapy can help you speed up recovery times.

Finally, they should have an onsite pharmacy. This saves so much time and energy in the long run and ensures you get the right medications without delay. If you have just been treated by a doctor and all you want is to get home, then having a pharmacy on site ensures you get your medication rather than putting it off and thinking you will stop at the pharmacy on the way home and then forget.

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Dealing With Trich – Trichomonas Vaginalis – The Wise Woman Way

“Herbal remedies for trichomonas are among the least impressive home remedies. None are more than 50 percent effective.” (1)

Trich is short for trichomonas: a single-celled, four-tailed, protozoan parasite. About five million new cases of trich are diagnosed yearly in the USA.

Trich is normally present in a woman’s vagina, intestines, and rectum without causing problems. Trich is pH sensitive. When the vagina becomes alkaline, trich overwhelms the healthy flora and causes symptoms. A trich infection, or overgrowth, is difficult to diagnosis (without a microscope) and harder still to kill (without poisons).

Trich is an STD and can be spread by intimate contact. But sex is not required; hardy trich can live in wet, warm places like toilet seats, towels, underwear, and swimsuits.

In women, symptoms of trich infection include a thin, foamy, itchy vaginal discharge that is yellowish green or gray in color and foul/fishy in odor. Infected men are often symptom-free.

Trich can move from the vagina into the urethra and up into the bladder, leading to a urinary tract infection. Conversely, if you have a UTI that won’t respond to treatment, it might be trich; check it out.

The homeopathic remedy for women with vaginal discharges that are green and itchy is Sepia.

In my experience, herbs that can coat and dessicate the trichomonas kill them about as well as poisons, either herbal or pharmaceutical.

Powdered charcoal, the kind used against poisoning, is so fine that it drowns the parasite; it also makes a black mess on everything, from your underwear to your sheets and towels.

Oak bark is a first class antimicrobial and drying agent; sitz baths are a classic way to use oak.

Milled medicinal clay, such a kaolin, can be used to dry out and coat the vagina and the trich, likewise, slippery elm bark powder.

The easiest way to use any one of these herbs is buy them already powdered and in capsules. If 4-6 capsules are put well up into the vagina, against and behind the cervix, body heat and vaginal moisture will dissolve them, freeing the agent within. For best results, repeat at least once a day for two or three weeks.

The alkaloid berberine sulfate – found in tinctures of the roots of barberry (Berberine vulgaris), gold thread (Coptis groenlandica), golden seal (Hydrastis canadensis), Oregon grape (Berberis repens), and yellowroot (Xanthorrhiza simplicissima) – is an antimicrobial agent shown to inhibit the growth of – and to induce morphological changes in – Trichonomas in the lab and in the field. A study in India found a Trichomonas-free rate of 90% in berberine sulfate group and 95% of the drug group; at the one month follow up, 83% of the berberine group and 90% of the drug group were still free of trich. The authors of the study commented on the lack of side effects in those receiving berberine.(2) The anti-trich dose of any berberine-rich tincture is 10-20 drops several times daily for 3-4 weeks.

Several weeks of hysterical hygiene are called for when dealing with a trich infection. Strip your bed and your bathroom and wash everything, using bleach or vinegar. Wash your hands after toileting. Swab off the toilet seat with dilute bleach. Remember, trich is hard to kill and persistent.

The standard treatment for trich infection is Metronidazole (Flagyl), a “highly toxic drug that is often ineffective due to resistance, particularly by trichomonas …”(3) Flagyl is a very strong antibiotic; it is not safe for pregnant or nursing women, or anyone with a blood disease, a peptic ulcer, or a central nervous system disorder. Side effects – lowering of white blood cells (which fight infection), nausea/vomiting, headache, diarrhea, joint pain, flushing, a metallic taste in the mouth, and numbness in the extremities – are common and are worsened by consumption of alcohol, vinegar, and mayonnaise. Coltrimazole is a milder drug with fewer side effects; it has a sixty percent cure rate against trich infections.

Herbalist and healer Joy Gardner says regular use of spermicidal jelly can help prevent trich infections.

European herbalists, including my friend Rina Nissim, swear by essential oils to kill all manner of vaginal infections. Valerie Ann Worwood suggests a blend of 5 drops tea tree EO, 4 drops cypress EO, 8 drops lavender EO, and 3 drops red thyme EO to get rid of trich. Of this mixture, she uses four drops diluted in two cups water, or a cup of yogurt, or a teaspoon of olive oil and applied inside the vagina.

Legal Disclaimer: This content is not intended to replace conventional medical treatment. Any suggestions made and all herbs listed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, condition or symptom. Personal directions and use should be provided by a clinical herbalist or other qualified healthcare practitioner with a specific formula for you. All material contained herein is provided for general information purposes only and should not be considered medical advice or consultation. Contact a reputable healthcare practitioner if you are in need of medical care. Exercise self-empowerment by seeking a second opinion.


1. Rina Nissim, Natural Healing in Gynecology, Pandora, 1986

2. S. Gupre, Am J Des Child, 129(866), 1975 (quoted in “Antimicrobial Actions of Berberine Sulfate,” D. Hoffman, Townsend Letter

3. M Torii, et al “In vitro effects of berberine sulfate on the growth of Entamoeba histolytica, Giardia lamblia, Trichomonas vaginalis,” Annals Tropical Med Parasitol, 85(417 25), 1991

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Why Women Should Consider Having A SureTouch Breast Scan

SureTouch improves the Early Detection of Breast Cancer with new technology and expertise, namely the highly acclaimed SureTouch™ Visual Mapping system.

The introduction of SureTouch now provides women of all ages with the option of having a regular Sensitive, Accurate, Pain Free & Radiation Free Computerised Breast Imaging with their own GP or primary health care professional. The procedure is non-invasive, requires no compression of the breast tissue and won’t cause any harm to the patient as it uses no radiation to generate a scan.

• FACT: You could be 18 or 80, have dense breast tissue, have had a mastectomy or have undergone augmentation (implants), a SureTouch Computerised Breast Imaging is suitable for you.

• FACT: Breast Cancer does not discriminate as it can occur at any age.

• FACT: Women under 40 years do get breast cancer.

• FACT: A SureTouch CBI is a pain free breast examination.

• FACT: SureTouch is TGA Approved (Therapeutics Goods Administration) of Australia and by the regulatory authorities in the USA.

What is SureTouch?

SureTouch Visual Mapping system is a unique digital sensing device that assists a physician or other trained healthcare professional in screening for breast cancer in the coursework of scheduled exams, greatly increasing the chances of early diagnosis of breast cancer in women.

How does the technology work?

The SureTouch hand-held sensor is made up of a high resolution array of many small, proprietary, pressure-sensitive elements. These elements are the integral part of the technology that converts the measure of tissue elasticity in to an electronic signal, which is then digitized and computer analyzed.

Why should women have Computerised Breast Imaging?

Currently, women usually depend on self-examination or a similar hand examination by their primary care physician or gynecologist to identify breast lesions. Computerised Breast Imaging that’s easy to receive and accurately displayed is beneficial to all women but to those between the ages of 25-40, who, unless we detect a concern, would not likely seek a mammogram. With breast cancer, early detection can make the dissimilarity between life and death.

Is the SureTouch examination accurate and reliable?

A two-year study of SureTouch funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH), and its surprising results for identifying and mapping breast lesions have been documented by the American Journal of surgical procedure and by the researchers involved in the project. Eight clinical studies carried out in various countries show that Suretouch is more accurate than conventional breast exams. In countries like India & China, Suretouch is used for breast screening in the general population. Suretouch can even pick up breast lesions after a mastectomy, whereas mammograms cannot where there is no breast tissue.

Can SureTouch be used as a diagnostic device?

It is not a diagnostic device. Its purpose is to visualize the sense of touch and generate an objective, reliable and consistent printed report for the information of the patient, a second formatted report for review by the attending medical practitioner and a digital document file that can be appended to the patient’s electronic medical record viewable by mammographers and attending breast surgeons.

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Proper Body Hygiene for Women

Practicing and maintaining good physical hygiene is crucial to avoiding complications in the human body’s private areas. As it is, in the western culture, our armpits, feet, anal, vaginal, and pelvic areas are secluded from open fresh air many hours of any given day. These areas have creases in the skin that traps in moisture hastening the probability of bacteria growth if not thoroughly cleansed with mild soap and warm water daily. For some, several times a day. While it is important for men and women to execute healthy hygiene habits, it is even more so for the woman.

While both male and female typically build up an odor in their feet (especially if they have worn socks and encased shoes all day), armpits, and private areas, the woman has the added probability of obtaining a strong fish like odor in and around her vagina if proper body hygiene is not adhered to daily. Because the vagina is made up soft, moist tissue, it is not uncommon for a woman to periodically experience a light odor by the end of a day. Often times, this may result in a slight vaginal discharge as well.

Those who live in warmer climates, yet forced by society to cover up for fear of arrest for indecent exposure may experience it even more so. Other lifestyles that may cause a smelly vaginal odor and discharge is that of a dancer, gymnast, deep sea diver, etc. These sports require the athlete to wear non-breathable fabric such as nylon ballet tights, spandex leotards, and full bodied rubber suits for hours at a time while executing physical exertion adding even more heat to the already creviced and enclosed areas. Entrapping the vagina and other bodily parts with folds of skin or tissue to trap in the moisture causing bacteria to form and grow. For the woman, this may result in a slight vaginal yeast infection. If left unchecked, it could grow into a health problem.

All the typical problems mentioned above can be avoided by following seven crucial steps:

1) Shower in the morning to start your day off fresh, and at night before going to bed

2) Allow some time in the day for all secluded parts of the body to be free of clothing to receive fresh air

3) Wear cotton or thronged under underwear to allow air flow

4) Wear a cotton bra with no padding to allow fresh air under the creases of the breast

5) Douche with vinegar and water regularly

6) Refrain from being sexual active with multiple partners and get medical information from anyone with whom you are sexually active

7) Visit your OBGYN on regular basis… they will be able to detect if anything out of the norm is causing the odor and offer a diagnosis to cure you

Women are beautiful creatures. In order for the body scent to reflect the inner and outer beauty of the woman, do not just cover up with perfumes. Take good care of the vessel you have been given. Practice good hygiene and enjoy being a woman.

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Better Orgasms For Women – Herbs For More Intense and Satisfying Orgasms!

It’s a fact that you can improve your sex life and get more intense and satisfying orgasms by taking some time tested herbs. The herbs we will look at here will not only help you get better orgasms they will also help you achieve better all round health.

Your sexual health, is a reflection of your general health and if your not enjoying sex, you need to pay attention to certain mental and physical issues which could be affecting your sexual enjoyment.

– Common causes for being unable to orgasm or having unsatisfactory sex are:

– Poor blood flow into the sex organs so they cannot swell enough

– Anxiety and stress which means you cannot focus on sex

– Lack of estorgen or testosterone the two key hormones for sexual pleasure

– Dry tissue in the pelvic region and a body which does not have proper hormonal balance

The above are a few of the common problems which cause women to lose libido and suffer from poor sexual satisfaction but there are a number of herbs which can cure all the above problems and improve your overall health, your sex drive and pleasure from orgasm all at the same time.

Herbs such as Black Cohosh, Red Clover Cernitin which have been used for thousands of years, to improve overall health, as well increase sexual desire and sexual satisfaction and help to realize feel good endorphins.

You are what you eat and if you feed your body the right fuel it will respond and the herbs above will give you the nutrients you need to enjoy better sex and if you are enjoying better sex, it means your body has better overall health too.

You can get the above herbs and others, in the best natural sex pills for women and if you try them, you could soon be achieving better or even multiple orgasms and better health and that really is good news.

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Avoid Perimenopause Woes

Perimenopause normally happens about six years before full menopause begins. And No! You don’t have to ingest (HRT)a pregnant mare’s urine! Besides, it’s been proven to be much too dangerous.

This has prompted many women to search for other options. Alternative health care therapies are available to perimenopausal women. Nutrition and nutritional supplementation are biggies to avoid perimenopause woes. Start as early in your younger years as you can. Or if you’re already into it, it’s not too late.

Get serious and you will begin to feel and see some changes. Besides choosing plant-based alternatives to hormone replacement therapy (HRT), also recommended:

  1. Reduce stress in your life
  2. Diet
  3. Exercise is one method of stress reduction that reduces hot flashes
  4. Nutritional supplements support and work with a woman’s body, not against it
  5. Prayer
  6. Meditation
  7. Yoga
  8. Tai chi can all be used to control your body’s stress response and reduce menopausal symptoms

Herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture, and other self-help measures support and work with a woman’s body, not against it, thereby reducing the dread of perimenopause and helping to avoid perimenopause woes! To fight hot flashes related to perimenopause woes, keep a portable fan

nearby, avoid spicy meals and alcohol, and eat foods high in hormone-balancing phytoestrogens like soy nuts or tofu. Get serious and you can avoid perimenopause woes.

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Women – Fat and Weight Loss

For a good majority of women, fat and weight control related issues have always been very important. Most eat and exercise in order to maintain a healthy weight. While some women find that staying trim comes naturally and they don’t have to work very hard at it, others find it pretty difficult to take off a few unwanted pounds most especially as they grow older.

Body image, sexuality and self-image are generally intricately interwoven for women. However the perceptions most women have of their own bodies and also the perception of those whose bodies they love have mostly been negatively impacted by all sorts of social and marketing influences. The media today basically want women to have bodies of pubescent girls that are lean, taut, have hips out, curves out, whose breast must be appropriately perky and youthful with a visible musculature. This is a very high demand to say the least, considering the age factor and the challenges of female hormones.

Sexual empowerment for both men and women begin with high self-esteem and positive body image. When a woman is comfortable with her appearance, size, and shape, she’s naturally more tuned to her senses and her sexuality takes on a whole new meaning and more readily want to have sex, try new positions, ideas and sexual techniques. However it is disheartening the degree to which women of today stake their happiness, their future, and/or their sexuality on some fantasised weight loss or other such personal physical “improvement”.

It’s also interesting to note that while the anger felt by most women about the pressure put on them by the society to have perfect bodies is understandable, most women’s appearance is not only scrutinised more carefully by other women but often unfairly criticised by the women themselves. The problem is that most women cannot help but compare themselves. It can arguably be said that most women dress for other women – though they dress to please men – it is what other women say that matter most to them. Men can more easily compliment themselves but this is hardly so for women – who are in a constant competition among themselves to win the supposed “Miss Fit” contest. In fact, women are far more critical about the shape of their bodies and weight than men are about them.

Why do women add more weight than men? A woman’s lifestyle (unbalanced dieting and lack of exercise) and her female hormones are the big culprits when it comes to talking about excess fat in women. Women seem to pay a much higher social price for their excess fat while fat men somehow “get away with it”. Most fat men get fat by eating too much but this is not always true for women. Naturally, male hormones keep muscle mass high and fat levels low but apparently the reverse holds true for female hormones.

Food is made up of calories, or units of energy. Physical activity and normal body metabolism burn calories. When a person takes in more calories than the body uses, the extra calories are stored as fat. These fat cells enlarge or decrease in size depending on the balance of energy in the body. The metabolic pathways of female hormones favour the reduction of calories used in generating body heat and increasing the storage of body fat by increasing the use of calories to make fat. In general, women’s metabolism tends to turn more of their calories into fat, while men’s tend to produce more heat from calories. Thus Women get fat more easily than men, and it’s harder for them to lose fat.

Most women are actually about the right size, but are unhappy with their shape because they compare themselves with women in the media. However, sometimes weight becomes a real problem physically, medically, emotionally, and/or psychologically. A woman who carries around many extra pounds has a bigger burden than the literal weight as she will be prone to measure herself first, before any personal accomplishment – considering her weight a primary personal failure.

In reality, women should take a more retrospective look at their lifestyle, and the demand being made on them by most of the media. The point is that much of women’s frustration about body fat is a mistake. The desire for those super-skinny female celebrities in magazines is based on a misconception. Even a fit, healthy woman would be hard-pressed to achieve the body of these young celebrities. When consideration is given to issues such as pregnancy, motherhood, full-time careers, menopause, and aging in the life of an everyday woman, these over-rated media-hyped models should really vanish into oblivion. Women are simply just setting unattainable goals for themselves.

When women start becoming more confident and taking a more positive attitude toward their bodies, they soon start realising how sexy they really are and can be. The truth is that every woman definitely has some positive qualities about her body – which might be her cute feet, heavy breasts, long eyelashes, super-shiny hair, or marvellous curves. Every woman is unique and while she might be busy looking down on some of your features, there are others wishing they had them. Therefore it is best to be yourself, inside and out and be proud of your physical qualities, enhancing and accentuating them as they are part of your overall sexuality.

However, this is not about disregard for healthy standards. Being overweight can increase a woman’s risk of heart disease, breast cancer and diabetes. It also can complicate pregnancy and it may even make getting pregnant more difficult. Long term studies indicate that the overall risk of developing chronic disease is generally related to one’s body mass index (BMI) as follows: BMI under 20 (may be associated with health problems for some women – e.g., anaemia, eating disorder, increased susceptibility to infection); BMI 20-25 (risk is very low – healthy weight); BMI 25-26.9 (risk is starting to increase – caution zone: overweight); BMI 27-29.9 (moderate risk – overweight); BMI 30+ (high risk – obese).

Your health risk is only partially determined by weight as there are other risk factors such as poor diet, alcohol, lack of exercise, smoking, high blood pressure and of course female hormones, all which play important roles. However, in their desperate attempt to get rid of fat, some women resort to fasting or to weird, unbalanced dieting gimmicks that simply worsen the problem.

There are many positive actions a woman can take to feel better about her weight as taking good care of her body will help her feel more attractive. If you feel your BMI needs some reduction, especially for health reasons, a healthy balanced dieting to get rid of excess fat is a good starter and women in general should eat as much healthy food as possible. Also routine aerobic exercising to enhance the body’s ability to burn fat will help reap the rewards of a healthier, happier and better sex life.

Emotional health is the key to being beautiful. Therefore, self-pride and self-responsibility are imperative requirements, if you want to establish and maintain weight control, a healthy exercise regimen, or some other physical routine. Starting a healthy balanced dieting habit and adding routine exercise will make you feel good about the fact that you are taking positive steps to achieving a fitter, firmer, and overall more healthy body – all of which will make you feel better about showing it off.

However, women should be optimistic but realistic about the prospect of losing excess weight because the fatter a woman is, the less competent her body is at releasing fat from fat cells; preventing calories from entering fat cells and burning fat for calories. As a result, the fatter she is, the less able she is to get rid of fat. The fatter and more out of shape a woman is, the slower the fat loss becomes. Prevention, they say, is better than cure.

Whether you are curvaceous, delicate, muscular, thin, or plump, your body type is part of your sexuality. So start on a healthy balanced diet and routine exercise regime because the sexiest women are those who are most comfortable in their own skin.

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5 Habits to Improve the Health of Your Joints

What does this do to your health? You slowly start to lose your body’s ability to move because sitting creates neuro structural shifts in your spine and even impacts your mortality. Yes I said increases your chances of dying!! Physical inactivity is estimated to account for 6% of global deaths. The World Health Organization recommends that adults participate in moderate-intensity physical activity throughout the week to reduce the risk of chronic disease, including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and certain cancers.

We as humans are built to move; to use all the joints and muscles to keep your body working efficiently. When you don’t move muscles,tightened joints become fragile, cartilage breaks down and you develop chronic pain.

Most people spend time at the gym working out their muscles and even their hearts, but nobody is on the page of men’s or women’s health because they have strong and flexible joints.

Yet having flexible and strong joints will make you limber, stronger, faster and less injury prone. Think about it – if you have flexible hips and pelvis joints bending down to grab something from the floor wouldn’t be so difficult!

Here are 5 things you can do you to help your joints:

  1. Sit less

As mentioned previously, people who sit more live less. Sitting reduces nerve signals from your body to your brain and back, reduces blood flow, tightens muscles and doesn’t allow nutrients to get into joints and flush toxins out. Sitting increases lower back and hip pain.

“But Dr Herr, I drive for a living or work on a computer all day”. Set a timer, then get up and move every 25 minutes. If you work on a computer, get a standing desk or work standing for a bit.

  1. Do joint mobility and foam rolling

Do some joint mobility in the morning. You have been sleeping and not moving all night, joint mobility is a great way to get your joints primed and ready for the day. If you have ever had a dog or cat – what’s the first thing they do after waking up? They move!

Some foam rolling. All the sitting and lack of movement will create tightness and tension in your muscles. Not using muscles causes them to fall asleep because they aren’t being stimulated.

If you need help, ask us for our joint mobility or foam rolling exercises.

  1. Walk more

When you are walking many joints in your body are moving. The walking causes the joints in your body to compress and decompress sending the cartilage nutrients and moving toxins out.

  1. Use Collagen and Vitamin C. Collagen provides proteins that you use to make YOUR BODY BUILDING BLOCKS TO BUILD STRONGER JOINTS. Vitamin C helps in making collagen as well.
  1. Maintain good structure and a spine free of Neuro- Structural shifts

I feel it goes without saying that maintaining a healthy spine will help the rest of the joints in our body function optimally. Just think, if your hips are off on the right side of your body how much more stress is on your right knee and ankle. More pressure means more wear and tear.

A teacher I had used to say in class “Movement is Life”. So, spend a few minutes working on your joint health and your body will thank you.

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Men to the Rescue – How to Save Women From Breast Pain, Cysts, and Cancer

You know how excited men are about women’s breasts. Actually, men are obsessed.

This, of course, makes women obsessed, too. And it causes them to do very strange things to their breasts.

Women pierce them, stuff them, tattoo, push up, and constrict them, compress them, clamp them with underwires, wrap them, suck them out to make them smaller, toxify them with chemicals leaching out of their bras, routinely X-ray them with mammograms to look for tumors, and sometimes agree to surgically remove them to prevent breast cancer.

Women treat their breasts as fashion accessories. Many women even refuse to use their breasts to nurse their babies since this, they fear, will mar their breasts’ visual appeal.

Of course, from a biological perspective, breasts are for nursing babies. They also play a part in sexuality. However, as with all things, when people get obsessed, they go over the edge and start doing extreme things. The result is often disease.

Our culture causes disease by teaching us attitudes and behaviors that interfere with the way our bodies are supposed to function. When it comes to breast cancer, it is caused by an attitude that cleavage rules, and a behavior of daily bra wearing.

In fact, research has shown that the leading cause of breast cancer is the wearing of tight bras for long periods of time each day. Breast cancer is only a problem in cultures where women wear bras. Bra-free women have about the same incidence of breast cancer as men. On the other hand, women who sleep in their bras, or wear them 24/7, have a 3 in 4 chance of developing this disease.

Bras are constrictive garments designed to alter breast shape, which is accomplished by applying constant pressure to the delicate breast tissue. This constriction can impair the drainage of lymph fluid from the tissue, as the bra squeezes down on easily compressed lymphatic vessels. A healthy, unrestricted lymphatic system is essential for removing fluid and toxins from the breast tissue, and is the circulatory pathway of the immune system. Chronic compression and constriction of the breast lymphatic system by bras can result in fluid accumulation (lymphedema), breast pain, cyst formation, fibrocystic breast disease, and may lead to cancer. Signs of constriction are red marks and indentations in the skin left by the bra.

Why do women wear bras? It’s because our culture trains them to. Girls start learning when very young that they are expected to have beautiful breasts. Toddlers are dressed in styles that mimic adult clothing, including wearing “tops” to cover their immature breasts. As they grow up, they see endless images of women on T.V., in magazines, in the movies, all showing women dressed in bras. They play with dolls like Barbie, which wear a bra. Their moms probably wear a bra. And they eagerly look forward to getting their first training bra as a sign of entering womanhood.

If she has small breasts, she will pad her bra and wear push-up models. She may also opt for implants, which compress lymphatic tissue from the inside adding to the problems caused by compression from the bra on the outside.

If she has large breasts, she may be told the myth to wear a bra to keep her breasts from sagging. She will not realize that if her bra is worn too tightly and for too long each day, it could cause the lymph fluid in her breasts to back-up, resulting in larger, heavier breasts. Some women actually feel pain when removing their bras, a sign of breast inflammation from the bra and dependence on the bra for support. Ironically, while the bra is causing the problem, her pain when removing it may keep her from ever taking it off.

Are Bras Necessary? Do women need bras? Was the female body designed with a flaw that requires 20th Century lingerie to correct?

According to the fashion moguls of our time, bras are essential. However, at one time, fashion makers insisted on the hourglass figure created by corsets, which became a public health menace for centuries, resulting in all sorts of internal and skeletal diseases caused by compression and constriction of the torso. And at the same time in history that corsets were a fashion in the West, Chinese women were dutifully binding their feet for fashion, causing distorted, diseased, decayed feet and toes, all to erotically please their husbands.

Clearly, fashions are not designed for health. Interestingly, large breasted women in bra-free cultures say they have no “need” for bras. In Fiji, a place where about half the women are bra-free, the women getting breast cancer are the ones wearing bras. The breasts of the bra-free women are healthy, without pain, cysts, or discomfort. In fact, they say their breasts are “too big to wear a bra”. Women in predominantly bra wearing cultures, however, assume (as a result of lingerie industry advertising) that they “need” a bra for support. Actually, dependence on the bra causes the internal suspensory ligaments that naturally support the breasts to atrophy from non-use. Artificially supporting the breasts with bras causes droop.

Numerous women who have stopped wearing bras experienced almost immediate relief from breast pain and cysts. Once the constriction ended, the breast tissue was allowed to drain of fluid, and the problems greatly improved or completely disappeared.

There is much more to the history of body abuse in the name of fashion. The basic reason for it all is clear — to please men.

There is nothing wrong with a woman wanting to attract a man, and keep him attracted. Each culture does it in its own fashion. The problem is when that fashion causes disease. How ironic that a disease that can maim and kill is caused by a product intended to bring people together.

But here’s the good news. This means most cases of breast cancer are preventable. All you have to do is stop wearing bras, or, at least, don’t wear them too tight for long periods of time a day, and certainly never wear a bra to sleep.

And this is where men come into the picture.

Guys, keep in mind that women are ultimately wearing a bra to please their man. So it is up to men to let their women know that natural and healthy is more beautiful than artificial and diseased. Women act as though they want to be loved for their looks. In reality, they fear rejection if their looks don’t match the images promoted by the fashion industry. And as they age, their fear grows, as worshiped youth slips away.

You need to let her know you love her for who she is, not for how well she conforms to fashion. Tell her that her breasts are beautiful because they are part of her. Encourage her to prevent disease by caring for her breasts, putting comfort and health before all else.

And as a bonus, give her a breast massage. After years of breast constriction, the tissue is damaged, congested with fluid, and toxified. Massage can help cleanse the tissue. It could be a therapeutic, lymphatic massage. It could be an erotic massage. It could be both. The important thing is to help the breast tissue recover from years of bra wearing. There should be no soreness. She should feel no pain when her breasts are touched. If she has pain, it is most likely from years of abuse by bras. Over time, this pain should disappear, as the breasts regain their health.

So this is both bad news and good news. Bras are a leading cause of breast cancer, so women have developed this disease as a result of current fashion. However, this also means most breast cancer is preventable. Women simply need to end their breast bondage, finding support in their men instead of their bra.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their women.

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