The Bare Truth About the Hippopotamus

Hippopotamus means river horse in Greek and spends most of the day soaking in the water and even though it appears docile, it is a fact that the hippopotamus is one of the more ill-tempered mammals in the wild. Hippos kill more humans than any other wild animals such as tigers, lions or even gorillas included.

Hippos are fiercely territorial and are common knowledge that hippos attack boats that infiltrate large herds and fisherman who work along the banks and frequently lay waste to inland fields, crops, farms while roaming the land at night. Hippos are huge animals and often grow up to 15 feet long and weighing up to 8000 pounds. (Remember ‘Moto-Moto’ from Madagascar 2 movie?) They can run up to 20mph and have large, strong choppers, canine teeth that can as long as 20 inches. Do you know that crocodiles don’t pick a fight with hippos because hippos can literally bite crocodiles in half easily! Imagine what it will do to a fragile human body.

If you go diving in jungle rivers or lakes, make sure they are no hippos in the region. If you encounter a hippo, go ashore as quickly as you can because they are clumsier on land. Do not try to go head on with a charging hippo as most probably you will end up like a squash marshmallow. If you have to fight with a hippo, poke its eyes and stay out of their mouth. You may not be able to outrun a hippo, but you can easily out maneuver the hippo by running in zigzag fashion and climb a tree if you see one.

Hippopotamus have glands that ooze a protective oily liquid whose red color has led to many myths that hippos sweat blood. Actually the oil helps the skin moist and possibly helps heal wounds and combat germs.

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